By the Bi (Poem)

As we launch into Pride Month in Scotland, we at Action on Prejudice wanted to share a poem written by a young person in Scotland as part of our recent competition on identity.  Support and awareness of bisexuality/pansexuality is highly important as bisexual and pansexual people are often less visible in the LGBTI community yet still need the same support and acceptance as research has found them to suffer from high rates of assault, mental illness, and substance abuse.



By the bi,

What’s all the clatter?

You’re with a girl now,

You’re gay, what’s the matter?


But don’t you get it?

That’s not me.

That’s just the half

You happen to see


I’ve so much history

With girls and with boys

A history you deny

With your simple-minded noise


And anyway my being bi

Is not straight and gay combined,

It’s beautifully unique and special

Deserving of a light shined


It’s an identity of love

Of more than just half the population,

It’s an openness of thought and spirit

That belies your petty discrimination


But, by the bi,

Your words are the clatter.

I love who I am,

And that’s what matters.



T. Abbott

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