Police Scotland Youth Hub

Police Scotland’s first Facebook channel designed for young people in Scotland and dedicated internet pages will go live today.  The new youth hub is based on feedback from national consultation with young people. They requested better access to information and modern ways to communicate with Police.  It has been a key commitment to young people when the Safer Communities Children and Young People team were developing the ‘Children and Young People 2016/20 – Our Approach’ plan.


The new resources will promote Children’s Rights by providing young people with easier access to educational resources. It will also be a space to voice their views on platforms they already use.  The Children and Young People team aim to provide safety and prevention messages that will ultimately help young people make better life choices and minimise potential risks to themselves and others. Any content being published will be structured to avoid corporate messages and more appealing to the desired age groups.


The Youth Hub Poster can be displayed to raise the awareness of the new resources within your young community and groups.  For more information go to www.scotland.police.uk/youth-hub and the new Facebook channel can be found HERE .


If you would like to discuss content or for any further information please contact Safer Communities Children and Young People team by email: SCD.ChildrenandYoungPeopleBusiness@scotland.pnn.police.uk.

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Support and Advice

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To report a Hate Crime

-For emergencies Call 999
- Call 101 (for non-emergencies).
-Report to any Police Station
-Report Online.
-If you prefer to report the crime somewhere else, you can go to a Third Party Reporting Centre.
-For Sign Language interpretation services Contact BSL or TextRelay 1 800 1 101

Do you need to talk?

If you need someone to talk to ChildLine provides free confidential support over the phone, online chat, or via email.