Inclusion and Diversity Charter Mark

A nationwide scheme, an Inclusion and Diversity Charter Mark, is being launched by Action for Children to combat prejudice and discrimination in schools across Scotland.

The Inclusion and Diversity Charter Mark will recognise the actions schools take in promoting inclusion and diversity and places pupil peer learning at the heart of the work.

It has been developed by young women and will be piloted in Edinburgh before being rolled out nationwide.

It will help schools to look closely at their policies, practice and legal obligations on equality for all young people and Action for Children have created Equality Indicators for schools to mark their progress against.

The young women who have worked hard to develop this took part in the charity’s Heritage and Inclusion project based in Edinburgh, which works with more than 50 young people of 19 different nationalities. They spend time researching and developing heritage learning using oral histories, archives and art collections allowing them to become more aware of their own heritage and increase their participation in the community.

Toqa Abdel Motalab, 16, from Edinburgh was one of the young women who developed the initiative.

She said: “I loved being part of the Inclusion and Diversity Charter Mark journey from beginning, finally, our voices were being heard.

“I was part of the co-production and I even helped secure funding for it. It was such a special day to think that my work, my experiences and my dedication was going to help other young people who suffer from isolation and racism in Scotland.

“I saw the Inclusion and Diversity Charter Mark actually work, with real outcomes being made. It was so inspirational to me hearing comments like “it doesn’t matter what we say, it won’t make a difference in our school” change to “my voice got heard, and teachers listened to me, I now know what I can do to make change happen”. I feel this can be a brilliant change.”

Paul Carberry, Action for Children director for Scotland, said: “We are very proud to be launching the Inclusion and Diversity Charter Mark with some of the young people behind creating it.

“We believe this pupil-led award will encourage schools to further develop social justice and inclusion for black and minority ethnic (BAME) young people while promoting equality and anti-racist education. Furthermore, it will demonstrate to all BAME young people that their school includes and supports them to identify their rights and provides understanding and support to their individual needs.”

“Education is the key to defeating prejudice and discrimination,” said Sarwar.

“Everyday racism can be found in our classrooms and playgrounds across the country, and too many young people in Scotland face bullying and discrimination.

“Teachers play a vital role in changing this culture, but the best lessons for children often come from fellow children, building confidence and better understanding.”


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