64% of Scottish Muslim women experience Islamophobia

Amina, the Muslim Women’s Resource Centre (MWRC), has said that 64% of women they surveyed have experienced or witnessed Islamophobia. 74% said they had been the target of a hate attack.

One said: “A lady came too close to me and said ‘take off your headscarf’.”

Another told researchers: “A man with a dog was shouting racist abuse and said it wasn’t worth the effort for the dog to bite me.”

57% said the incident took place in the street or neighbourhood. A little under a quarter (23%) said it happened in the workplace. About a fifth (21%) said it happened on public transport.

Nine in ten said no bystanders helped them and 65% of respondents did not report the incident.

The survey, which included responses from 101 women, was presented to the Scottish Parliament’s cross party group on tackling Islamophobia.

The group is chaired by Anas Sarwar, who said;

“This new research shows that Islamophobia is a real and traumatic experience for Muslim women in Scotland.

“All hatred and prejudice must be tackled, but sadly we must also recognise the gendered nature of it, which sees Muslim women more likely to experience an Islamophobic incident.

“More often than not, those responsible are men.

“We can’t leave the fight against prejudice and hate to the Muslim community alone, or to women alone – it’s a fight for all of us.”

Samina Ansari, Amina MWRC chief executive, said: “Through our national helpline and the various frontline services we provide, there have been countless stories narrated of Muslim women being physically or verbally attacked, or discriminated at work based on their religious identity.

“The impact of these crimes can be profound, and more needs to be done to ensure we have the inclusive and cohesive society we all want.”

Read the full article at https://stv.tv/news/politics/1436448-six-in-ten-scots-muslim-women-have-experienced-islamophobia/?fbclid=IwAR2neZ9P6SCPD4gW6Rjm9PHNP9qwRZxL5bbBX1UbZyHId7mzF-xkQMLjlow

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