Fearless Resource available in all schools

by Lyndsay McDade, Crimestoppers’ Senior Youth Projects Officer

Fearless provides a site where young people can access non-judgmental information and advice about crime and criminality with a safe place to give information about crime 100% anonymously.

In Scotland, we are incredibly fortunate to have so many brilliant organisations working with young people to make Scotland safer but that can lead to schools feeling overwhelmed by initiatives and safety programmes to ‘roll out’ across their school. Fearless Scotland seeks to reduce that by working with partners and providing schools with simple, straight forward resources which complements existing work and areas of the curriculum.

During a recent outreach event, a young person said to me:

“I’ve never called 999 but I still know it exists…
Fearless should be the same”

and it really struck a chord with me.

Whether a young person will ever have a need to report crime to our charity 100% anonymously or not, it’s still absolutely vital that they know the service exists should they ever have a need.

That’s why with support from Scotmid, we’re absolutely delighted to be equipping every secondary school in Scotland with our brand new Fearless Scotland Guide and a supply of posters to display.

The Guide explains what Fearless is and answers all our most frequently asked questions, in a short, clear format which will support teaching staff to embed awareness of Fearless.org in their school community. It also includes our suite of Scotland specific artwork which can be requested to raise awareness of local crime issues.

You can download the guide from our library:

Fearless Scotland Guide

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