Heartstone – An Opportunity to Learn, Share, and Change

An opportunity for young people to actively address issues that are important to them in their local community, such as hate and prejudice.

©Nick Sidle/Heartstone

Heartstone are offering the chance for a group of young people to delve into their unique collection of photo stories by Nick Sidle, world-famous photographer and writer based in the Highlands, which have covered events and issues from around the globe. From looking after our wildlife in the UK to protecting great white sharks in Australia, following festivals in London, to following school children in wartime Kosovo and Afghanistan.

The project gives the group of young people the opportunity to use these photos to raise awareness of issues they are passionate about to an audience they choose. Throughout the project, they will have the opportunity to speak to the people who the photo stories are based on, ranging from activists to marine biologists and many others. They will arrange an online event focused around the photo story they choose, inviting speakers and promoting the event to get the participant to sign up and managing the event from beginning to end, whilst also developing their event planning, communication and team working skills.

The young people, and youth workers supporting them, will be provided training by Heartstone to undertake the project and they will also be supported in identifying and inviting the key speakers to the event.

If you have a group of young people who you think will be interested in taking part, get in touch with Heartstone.

Find out more heartstonechandra.com

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