Free Hate Crime Training Sessions

WSREC continue to provide training sessions to voluntary and public sector organisations.  Focussing on anti-sectarianism within the hate crime and equality frameworks, i.e. within religion and race, these sessions are currently being delivered online. When permitted, we will offer organisations the option of online or face-to-face delivery, which means that these sessions will continue to be available in any part of Scotland.

In this newsletter, we share an outline of what you can expect from our hate crime session (we will share the discrimination session next time, but feel free to get in touch if you would like to find out more about it in the meantime).

Our hate crime training will assist you and your colleagues to:

  • understand what hate crimes aggravations are, why they exist and how they operate
  • understand ways in which sectarianism manifests itself in Scotland today
  • understand how anti-sectarianism is embedded in the hate crime framework (within religion and race)
  • be equipped with specific actions you can take to: (a) identify hate crime, (b) support people affected by hate crime, (c) help build a picture of issues and trends which can be used to inform wider efforts to tackle those issues.

There is no cost involved for participating organisations and we would be happy to hear from you if you would like to book training or discuss this opportunity further.

For bookings and further information, please email:


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