New Bill Proposes Transition Support for Young Disabled People

A Bill has been lodged by Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP which aims to provide extra support to young disabled people when transitioning to adulthood. The proposed Disabled Children and Young People (Transition to Adulthood) Bill would introduce a statutory requirement on local authorities to develop a transitions plan for every young disabled person in Scotland.
The Bill would require the Scottish Government to introduce a national transitions strategy to improve opportunities for disabled children and young people. It would also involve appointing a dedicated Minister who would be responsible for transitions.

Pam Duncan-Glancy MSP commented on the Bill:

“For too long, young disabled people have been let down. Their outcomes from school are far poorer than anyone else’s and that is not a situation we should allow to continue. The talent and potential of every disabled young person is undervalued and underused.

“That lets them down, and society down – we need to harness the potential in all of us if we’re to create a society where all children can grow up and have a fighting chance at realising their ambitions.

“This bill will help do that. By assigning a minister to oversee transitions, requiring, by law, a strategy and plan for every child’s transition from school to adulthood, we can be sure that no one falls through the cracks.”

You can follow progress of the Bill on the Scottish Parliament website:

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