3 Mottos for Guiding our Approach to Equality, Diversity and Inclusion

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Course Content
Diversity takes a wide variety of visible and invisible forms – many more than the nine Protected Characteristics of the Equality Act (race, religion & belief, disability etc). A staff team composed of people from many backgrounds and identities, with varied personalities, skills and perspectives, has many advantages. But these differences can also be a source of misunderstanding, division and even hostility. Similarly in our work with customers or service users we often overlook unintentional discrimination because of the differences between our life experiences.

Three mottos…
In this interactive workshop, delegates will consider three models, summarised in simple phrases, that provide insight on our interactions with those from different groups and experiences. They provide touchstones to aid empathy and improve equality & inclusion.

Through discussion of different case studies, we’ll consider: why some people ignore or deny the disadvantages that others experience; how to respond to misunderstandings or offence; and the impact of our inner narratives on our interactions.

Course topics

  • Which aspects of diversity are protected by law and why?
  • Identifying unintentional discrimination and why it is often hidden from us
  • Separating intention from impact in communication
  • A communication technique for overcoming division and misunderstanding

Not just focusing on Religion & Belief

During the course our discussions will focus on many aspects of diversity, not just religion and belief.

Who Is The Course For?

The training is intended for anyone whose work (or life) brings them into contact with diverse people – whether service users, customers or colleagues.

Please get in touch if you have any access needs or want to discuss the course.

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