Bullying It’s never acceptable (multiple dates/locations)

RespectMe are providing training on bullying behaviours and practical strategies which can be used to address bullying behaviour wherever it occurs. View the Bullying…it’s never acceptable programme here:

Delegates who wish to deliver ‘Bullying, it’s never acceptable’ locally should email respectme to request a copy of the training toolkit and slides. This will only be issued to people who have attended the one day training. Email enquire@respectme.org.uk

Dates and locations for this training include

13 June 2018 9.30-4.30pm Perth
5 July 2018 9.30-4.30pm Glasgow
9 July 2018 9.30-4.30pm Edinburgh
6 September 2018 9.30-4.30pm Glasgow
21 September 2018 9.30-4.30pm Aberdeen
10 October 2018 9.30-4.30pm Edinburgh
12 October 2018 9.30-4.30pm Dundee
8 November 2018 9.30-4.30pm Glasgow
28 November 2018 9.30-4.30pm Inverness

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To report a Hate Crime

-For emergencies Call 999
- Call 101 (for non-emergencies).
-Report to any Police Station
-Report Online.
-If you prefer to report the crime somewhere else, you can go to a Third Party Reporting Centre.
-For Sign Language interpretation services Contact BSL or TextRelay 1 800 1 101

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