Consultation on Scottish Hate Crime Legislation

Consulting on Lord Bracadale’s recommendations as per his review of Hate Crime Legislation in Scotland.  The consultation asks questions on the approach to consolidating all Scottish Hate Crime legislation and expanding the statutory aggravations.

During the consultation Scottish Government will be running a series of public events across Scotland to allow individuals and communities to come along to share their views and inform what is included in the new hate crime legislation.

The events are free of charge but in order to book your place you must do so by clicking on the Eventbrite link below.  All tickets should then be clearly displayed upon arrival on the day of the event.

Where & When?

1)  Lockerbie – 04/12/2018

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2)  Inverness – 06/12/2018

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3)  Glasgow – 16/01/2019

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4)  Stornoway – 17/01/2019

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5)  Dundee – 22/01/2019

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6)  Galashiels – 24/01/2019

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7)  Edinburgh – 31/01/2019

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8)  Aberdeen – 06/02/2019

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9)  Shetland – 07/02/2019

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Need Help and Support?

Support and Advice

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To report a Hate Crime

-For emergencies Call 999
- Call 101 (for non-emergencies).
-Report to any Police Station
-Report Online.
-If you prefer to report the crime somewhere else, you can go to a Third Party Reporting Centre.
-For Sign Language interpretation services Contact BSL or TextRelay 1 800 1 101

Do you need to talk?

If you need someone to talk to ChildLine provides free confidential support over the phone, online chat, or via email.