Hate Crime Training

The Hate Crime training for trainers course aims to develop the knowledge and understanding of participating women on Hate Crime and Legislation. Through the course participants will gain the skills and training to support women in addressing and reporting Hate Crime, develop an understanding of the importance of reporting hate crime, and learn the tools to support women to build confidence and resilience in tackling this issue as trainers.


This is an online course which will be delivered over Zoom, beginning 24th March from 10.00am – 1pm every Wednesday, for 4 sessions. It is open to women from Glasgow only.


The pre-requisites for the course are:

  • Participating women must be from BME background
  • A commitment to deliver training to other women
  • Women should have a moderate to intermediate level of English
  • For Women aged 16 and Over
  • A commitment is needed for all 4 sessions
  • Desirable – a stable internet connection and access to either a Laptop, PC, or Tablet


The Deadline for registration is Monday 22nd March at 2pm.


To register, please contact us on 0141 212 8420 or email info@mwrc.org.uk or email directly to issmat@mwrc.org.uk

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