Interpreting Culture – Improving Cross-Cultural Communication

An engaging exploration of the differences between cultures and how that diversity shapes the way we understand each other’s behaviour.

About this event

Low Cost – In order to cover the costs of our training provision, we charge the low price of £25 per delegate.

Interpreting Culture – Improving Cross-Cultural Communication

Our cultural background has a profound influence on each of us.  It shapes our behaviour, values and beliefs.  It even affects our thought processes and how we perceive the world.  In this half-day course, we will examine where culture comes from and identify many extraordinary examples of its diversity.  A simple gesture or phrase can mean dramatically different things from one culture to another and can cause unintended embarrassment, confusion or even offence.  We learn to consider how others might interpret our behaviour and also examine our own understanding, focusing on some of the areas that can cause division such as gender norms, perceptions of rudeness and body language.

Learning Objectives – by the end of the course delegates will be able to:

  • Describe the wide-ranging influence of cultural background on people’s behaviour, expectations and beliefs
  • Utilise a simple tool for recognising and responding to misinterpretations stemming from cultural difference
  • Reconsider their responses to the behaviour of others, to avoid cultural difference becoming a source of anger and prejudice
  • Show improved communication skills when communicating with those from other cultures

Who Is The Course For?

The training is intended for anyone whose work (or life) brings them into contact with people from a range of cultural backgrounds – whether service users, customers or colleagues. It may be particularly helpful to people who live in Scotland, but have another cultural background and to those who work with refugees and other migrants.

Please get in touch if you have any access needs or want to discuss the course.

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