LGBT Youth – Pride and Pixels Festival

For many young LGBTI people, there are still too few opportunities to be themselves in a safe, supportive environment. This hasn’t been made any easier over the past 18 months amidst a pandemic keeping us all at home, away from friends, youth clubs and the safe spaces so many have come to rely on.

As an organisation with a strong track record of digital innovation, LGBT Youth are extremely proud of what they’ve achieved by opening Pride & Pixels, the incredible Discord server where over 300 young people have continued to participate in youth groups, special events and peer-led community building. It’s not an exaggeration to say that it’s saved some lives – we know this from young people who have told them exactly that.

Now, in the second year of its existence, LGBT Youth want to celebrate Pride & Pixels and all of the young people who make it what it is. From 20th September, they’ll host the first ever Pride & Pixels Festival – a week-long event taking place entirely within the private Discord server. The event will include nightly workshops, games and entertainment from some extra special guests.

Young people will be encouraged to attend their usual youth groups in the early evening before coming together from 7pm each night to learn, celebrate each other, and express themselves in a safe and supportive environment. LGBT Youth youth workers can’t wait to bring their groups together from across Scotland for one our largest gatherings ever.

Alongside the various events taking place during the Festival, there will be quiet rooms for young people to connect with youth workers and each other, receive support if needed, or to share their own experiences. This is a rare opportunity to bring all of us together and build each other up.

Soon, we’ll be together again in person. But Pride & Pixels will live on as a unique and powerful community for young LGBTI people living in Scotland and we can’t wait to celebrate it with all of you.

If you’re a young person who doesn’t access any of LGBT Youth’s groups, or you know someone who would like to attend, please get in touch at or through the live chat service.

If you are a school, youth work organisation, performing artist, or anyone else who would like to get involved with the Festival, please contact!

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