Organising interfaith events & enabling dialogue

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In this interactive course we discuss how to arrange events that bring together people of many faiths and philosophies for meaningful and respectful dialogue. We will consider the various aims of interfaith events and many of the practical considerations for their success including: venue, food, timing, and communication. We will discuss tools for successful dialogue and how to create an environment that respects difference while seeking mutual understanding. We will explore a range of activities, events and workshops that promote interfaith dialogue.

Course topics:

1. Why organise interfaith events? What do they seek to achieve?
2. How to engage with different faith communities
3. The practicalities of organising events: venue; food; timing etc
4. Dialogue agreements and facilitating respectful discussion
5. Exploring different types of interfaith activities

Who Is The Course For?

The course is designed for those who organise interfaith events or have plans to organise such events. It is also relevant for members of interfaith groups and people who arrange multifaith or other multicultural events.

Please get in touch if you have any access needs or want to discuss the course.

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