Scottish Trans Alliance Activism & Wellbeing Conference

An event for trans people and their supportive friends, parents, partners and families.

It has been a difficult year for many people, with the increase in coverage of trans people in the media frequently being negative rather than positive, and with lots of us feeling upset, burntout and like things are too difficult or we’re doing too little.

Scottish Trans Alliance want you to help them create a day where we can come together and think about how to look after ourselves, our communities, and what we want our activism to look like going forward. As well as opportunities to learn and strategise, we also want you to help us create a day where there are spaces for us just to chillout, meet each other, and relax.

BSL interpreters are available if requested before 28th October 2018

We ask that everyone who attends one of our events reads and agrees to our Code of Conduct. You can read this over at our website:

What’s happening?

The conference is open to trans people and our supportive friends, parents, partners and families. Some sessions will only be open to trans people. At Scottish Trans Alliance, we use trans as an inclusive umbrella term that describes anyone whose gender identity or gender expression does not fully correspond with the sex they were assigned at birth. This includes trans men, trans women, non-binary people and cross-dressing people.

The programme will be finalised three weeks before the Conference, but some great workshops will be run by a whole range of different people, an opportunity for you to tell Scottish Trans Alliance staff what YOU think WE should be prioritising, as well as all-day social and quiet spaces.

There is still time to submit a proposal if you’d like to run a session on the day – you can find out all of the info here:

If you have any questions, either about attending the Conference or about running a session, please email Vic on or call them at the Scottish Trans office on 0131 467 6039.

Need Help and Support?

Support and Advice

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Do you need to talk?

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