Who Am I? Who Do You Think I Am?

Price £60 including lunch and refreshments.
Some concessions available.

Places strictly limited. Please contact NCBI to reserve yours.
ncbiondon@ncbi.org.uk Tel. 078 1137 4074

A participatory unconscious bias and diversity workshop, which reduces the harmful effects of  mistreatment and begins to explore the cycle of systematic oppression. Participants will have the opportunity to gain an understanding of each other ‘s experiences of unconscious bias and difference and the meanings attached to them. We offer tools enabling participants to recognise and name
unfair treatment, and to develop more effective strategies for change.

Exploring our multiple identities, differences, diversity and unconscious biases

“I thought that diversity was about others. I discovered it was about me. And only by discovering pride and acceptance and love for my inner diversity can I hold a space of acceptance for the identities of others” (Adam, March 2018)

This workshop int ends to:

  • Support participants’ self-esteem
  • Share experiences of difference, and learn from them
  • Enable participants to identify unfair prejudice and unreasonable discrimination
  • Offer effective strategies peacefully to challenge and resolve all forms of ill-treatment.

Recent participants have said that the training boosted self confidence in their identities; reduced fears of difference; raised enthusiasm for diversity; opened their ears, and heart to listen without pre-judgment.

About us

The National Coalition Building Institute is an international charity, founded in the USA (1984) and active in the UK since 1986 (charity number 1114186). NCBI offers training to recognise – and skills to avert –
unconscious bias, unfair prejudice and unreasonable discrimination.

NCBI-UK has delivered leadership and development training within the public, corporate and voluntary sectors; in schools, universities, community and faith groups.

We value true equality in personal, social and work relationships; where everyone is welcome, and everyone deserves to be heard. As well as identities of gender, race and age, NCBI is inclusive towards all identities, including faith and belief, income, learning ability, learning abilities, mental and physical wellbeing, lifestyle and sexuality.

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