Edinburgh Interfaith Association has created a new resource, The Ground We Share, talking about the beliefs of different faiths, addressing misconceptions and encouraging interfaith understanding.

As human beings we all look for support to guide us especially when we are faced with difficult situations. Religions and other belief systems such as Humanism for billions of people around the world provide them with direction in their lives. The Ground We Share resource talks about these different religions and how people feel they assist them.

What’s on the website?

There is a section on what others believe – taking you through different faiths. There is also a section on Contemporary Moral Issues. Here members of different faiths talk about their beliefs in relation to topics such as same sex relationships, war & religion, euthanasia and embryo research amongst others.

Here are two of the videos talking about the misconceptions to give you an idea of what you can see on the website.

What can I use it for?

For students and teachers these resources can be used to assist your learning. There are age appropriate videos with stories from different faith traditions on key values for Primary children aged 5-7. For secondary students topics will include what it means to follow a faith in contemporary Scotland today. This will include explaining the importance of key beliefs and practices including worship, ceremonies and the wearing of articles of faith such as the hijab in Islam.

At S3-S4 level, ‘the making moral decisions’ programme representatives give their perspective on a range of moral dilemmas. They explain how the values of their community have contributed to Scottish society.

‘Ground We Share’ resource will encourage not only respect for others who have beliefs different to our own but to encourage people to stand up to and report hate crimes. Links to ways to report hate crime and organisations working to tackle it can be found on the website. 

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View all the resources available at www.thegroundweshare.com

Need Help and Support?

Support and Advice

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To report a Hate Crime

-For emergencies Call 999
- Call 101 (for non-emergencies).
-Report to any Police Station
-Report Online.
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Do you need to talk?

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